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These 12 mini documentary films are the outcome of a year-long (2021-2022) collaboration between two socially engaged projects in the islands of the Tobishima Sea route region (Tobishima Kaido) in Western Japan. The two project, led by Dr. Meng Qu and Dr. Simona Zollet, focused on creating an island revitalization documentary and a video promoting the area to potential in-migrants.


The filming projects geographically include five peripheral islands between Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures in the Seto Inland Sea of Western Japan. In addition to introducing the new creative activities such as art, film and music festivals, the projects also focus on community crafts and activities, such as fresh flower arrangement, Shamisen folk music, citrus farming and other aspects of islanders’ life, culture, and traditions. Throughout this project, we hope to encourage interest in the area and attract more potential in-migrants into this depopulating region.

Produced by Meng Qu, Simona Zollet

Driected by Meng Qu, Pornphan Wajjwalku, Miriam Ilsa Arfani, Simona Zollet

Music by Hiro Nishibara

Drone by Ryan Yosua Tutuarima

​Narration by Meng Qu, Pornphan Wajjwalku, Miriam Ilsa Arfani

​Interview & camera by Hiro Nishibara, Pornphan Wajjwalku, Ryan Yosua Tutuarima, Miriam Ilsa Arfani, Theodore Leonardo Aipassa, Meng Qu, Simona Zollet

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Community-engaged Rural Art Festivals and Place-making


2022, Art workshop "Deep Mapping with Artists’ Books & Island Sustainability", Hiroshima global academy HiGA summer school 2022, Japan

2021-2022, "Island revitalization" documentary film project, Hiroshima, Japan

2019, Shiosai Art Festival, Osakishimojima island, Japan

2018-2019, Special exhibition "Nature, History, Culture & Art", organizer & curator, Hiroshima University Museum, Japan

2016-2019, Setouchi Triennale, Koebi squad volunteer, Setouchi, Japan

2015, Maillard G., Qu. M, catalog “A Community Revitalization Project - Building linkages in the Fukutomi-cho community at Uenohara farm Cadore, Japan”, Publish by Higashi-Hiroshima City Citizen Cooperation Office (Japanese and English)

2015, “Earth bag house" project, art director, Fukutomi town, Higashihiroshima, Japan

2015, Earth bag house candle night projection mapping event, Hiroshima, Japan

2014, Eco-village earth bag house volunteer work, Okayama, Japan

2012, “Xucun Forum 2012 - Chinese Village Movement and New Countryside Construction“, academic secretary, Xucun international art commune, Shanxi, China

2011-2013, Xucun International Arts Festival, festival manager, Xucun international art commune, Shanxi, China


Rural, Art, Island, Community Tourism


2020, Art island research tour, Setouchi islands, Japan

2019, Setouchi Triennale 2019 autumn study tour, Setouchi islands, Japan

2019, Setouchi Triennale 2019 spring study tour, Setouchi islands, Japan

2019, Community-oriented tourism planning education tour and onsite training, Osakishimojima island, Japan

2018, Rural folk arts and local crafts Study Tour in Ishikawa - Noto - Toyama Pref. Japan

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